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We might have come across a saying that HEALTH IS WEALTH and VILLAGES ARE BACKBONE OF INDIA, Let’serve had clubbed these two sayings and thought of strengthening the health of Indian Backbone and selected remote Villages to do so…We do Specially Thank Dr LOKESH VARADA for Guiding and Assisting us in all the aspects regarding this camps and we mean it.

  • We had organised a medical camp on 8th of January 2017 Chakrayapeta, a village in Kadapa district,Andhra Pradesh. Around 230 people got their checkup and we had sufficient medicines to prescribe them. Thanks to the doctors Lokesh Varada and Harish for such an initiative. Volunteers Nanda Kishore and Vibhor Malviya of Let’s Serve did a major part in setting up the camp.
    • We had conducted a free medical camp on 26th of January 2017 in Madhavaram village, Kadappa district, Andhra Pradesh. As most of the people in that village are in poverty line, we decided that a free medical camp would be so helpful for them.
      We provided medicines worth Rs. 14000 and there was a very good response. We had treated around 190 people. We thank Lokesh Varada again for this and Nanda Kishore Kranthi Kumar for being so supportive.
    • We have been conducting series of camps and one of them took place last Sunday, 5th of February 2017 in Chagaleru village, Vempalli Mandal, Kadapa district. We had the privilege of serving 200 people this time. We are proud to have people who take initiatives like this. Let’s Serve thanks Dr.Lokesh Varada, Dr. Harish and Chaitanya Bharath Reddy for being a huge support and make this camp helpful for many who are in need.