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  • Provided Washing machine,pedal fan and Groceries to Mother Theresa Old Age Home in Vempalle , Kadapa Dist. Later we did helped them in building a compound wall across their home and donated a Sintex tank for water storage.

  •  Knowing her Down front from the print media about not accepting her finger prints in the ration shops, we have donated groceries to the poor old woman who is given up from her family.

  • Donated medicines to the clinic which offers free treatment to the poor in Saipet , Kadapa District.
  • Donated groceries,school bags to an orphanage home called Royce Orphanage Home in Nellore.
  • One of our Volounteers and his colleagues working in a Corporate IT company has provided one day meal to Aids affected children in Desire Society Organization@Hyderbad .
  • As Part of helping Chennai from Floods Let’s Serve organization tied up with Bangalore ITPL TCS employees and donated almost 50000 to an organization called udavum karangal which was submerged in flood.
  • In April Month we have donated School Bags, Books, Geometry boxes to children in government school named saraswathy kendriya vdhayalayam at Nizamabad in Telangana.

  • The lady in the pic is suffering from TB and her condition is very serious. Her husband left her after he came to know that she is affected with TB. As her condition was very serious, she was admitted in madanapalle hospital. Some of her well-wishers have arranged some money to help her to travel to madanapalle for getting admitted in hospital
    But she being very poor and was unable to bear the minimal expenses ..
    So we have decided to use the money which is in our central account .. The amount there in the central account is around 7k and decided to donate the money to her. Hope she recovers soon.
    God is with her.

  • Ramadevi, a student of Khajipet Govt. High School is in her terminal stages of bone cancer. We were able to donate 10000 rupees which in turn inspired the local people to donate around 15000 rupees. We were able to be her support in her difficult times.
    The price which we donated might not be of greater value for the treatment of bone cancer but we are happy that we were able to serve our best with the support we have. We would like to have a huge support for a greater CAUSE.

  • This post is a little late but we are happy to share it here. We provided uniforms to 70 orphans during an activity which happened on August 15 in Kambham, Andhra Pradesh. We are doing our best with every possible support we have and we would like to have more supporters and make it large.
  • We fund for a cause and that’s known to everyone who has liked us. Now we have come up with an initiative to make some donation with something we are saving, to a student who’s pursuing his class of 11th. We had come to know that his family was unable to fund for his education. His mother works as a house maid who earns around Rs. 2000/- every month and his father who works in theatre also earns the same as his mother. He is sedulous in his studies and capable of reaching greater heights.This bright student’s education cannot be put to an end just because he is not able to afford it. Hence, we have decided to help him pay his tuition fees and get his subject books.One of our members, Srivatsav’s mother(on behalf of lets serve) helped his mother by paying her a cash of Rs. 3000/- and this is just the beginning.

  • Based on an article from a Telugu newspaper, two boys from Kadapa which is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, are facing a serious nervous weakness. Sources say that this disorder maybe genetic as their mother had the same issue and it was the reason behind her demise. These two boys are currently working as labourers in Chennai. Luckily, the care taker is well known to our fellow member Lateef. We found out that it would cost 3 lakes for the treatment and hence we decided to do our contribution. We managed to contribute Rs. 23000/- and an NGO linked with Puttaparthi, came forwarded to take the expenses for the treatment. These boys are under safe hands now.

  • Mallikarjun from Nellore district has been diagnosed with mouth cancer last year. As the family cannot afford the treatment expenses, we decided to donate our funds to the family. We were able to donate around rupees 7000 to the family. Mallik’s children were also promised to be offered free education by a kind hearted person. We’re sorry we couldn’t get the name of the person. On behalf of Let’s serve, Sivananda Kishore Nanda Kishore and Anush Teja Anush Teja Rampuram were able to take this initiative
  • We were highly disappointed to see this helpless woman whose kidneys have almost stopped functioning and had to be on dialysis. Her two children are helpless without her. She needs support right now as her life is becoming worse day by day. She is striving hard to even fulfil the basic needs. We decided to donate our funds to help her.
    We provided the medicines she would need which would last for 45 days, clothes to her and her children and a table fan. We also wanted to provide the groceries but an unknown good hearted person bought it for them which would last for around 4 months.
    Let’s Serve thanks Nanda Kishore and Anush Teja Rampuram for this timely help to the person.
  • So sad to see this boy in hospital bed than on school bench. This ten years old boy is suffering from pneumonia. Milaap is a social venture organization who has same interest like our let’s Serve campaigned about this boy who needs money for his treatment . As a routine let’s serve donated 3600 rs to his treatment. Let’s serve is thanking to one of its members Sindhura Reddy who led this event.
  •  We have donated Rs. 7000 to a person who’s diabetic. Few of her toe fingers were amputated because of bacterial infection which was spreading through her feet. The infection is still spreading and if it spreads, it would cost her the entire leg. The family is currently unable to afford or the treatments and medicines. Hence we decided to do our best This family is also well known to one of our members.
  • Helped a Kidney failure Auto driver from Nellore, He was not able to ride an auto because of the Kidney issues he had.We had helped him and his wife with an amount of 14000/- to start a Tiffin center as shown below
  • Mahesh From MokshaGundam is suffering from Blood Cancer we have come across about him through a newspaper article and thought of doing some help from our side, luckily we found that Milaap is doing a fund raising campaign for the same cause.We have donated 5000/- through milaap campaign and Mahesh is getting operated on 6th DEC 2017 lets wish him a speedy recovery.
  • This person is from Anantapur suffering with bone cancer and they are not in a position to afford even for food With what they have and with some money borrowing from others till now they had treatment They still need to complete 3 more sittings for kemo which cost 8000 each time, knowing this we have donated 3K for his monthly expenses on march 2018 and promised him to pay for the Kemo sittings.Hoping his fast recovery.
  • Mr.Boopalan R. Who is a colleague of Patchi Rajan(Letserve Volunteer team member) was suffering from brain tumour got operated but after the few days the tumour started growing again. This time he didn’t have much money to be treated. Let’s serve helped him by donating 4000rs for his medical expenses. Let’s pray god for his quick recovery.
  • Helping a Topper in her academics is always a good thing and Letserve didn’t missed that opportunity. she did got 10 pointer in her SSC and 9.8 pointer in +1 and was struggling
    to pay her +2 fees.We did gave our best to pay her 10000/- as 1st term fees, hoping to help her again.
  • There is an orphanage for mentally retarded children in yerra mukka palli, Kadapa named “Padma Manasika Vikalangula Kendram”
    Our volunteer @Chaitanya Bharath has approached them and they have asked us to help them with few tablets each of 6 sheets along with a big can of edible oil for cooking and coconut oil can this costed us 4915/- knowing the story about founder of the home gave us much inspiration to serve the society.

  • Floods in Kerla State was one of the Biggest Natural calamities that we had in the recent times.We had helped those victims by sending them plates,chappals,coffee powder,boost along with few other utensils that are needed in day to day life which costed us 10000/-